Had my first massage with Matt today; extremely professional which made me feel at ease. My shoulder is already feeling a bit better, looking forward to my next session. Would highly recommend, many thanks.

Louise Langton

First time I went and just after first appointment feeling way better. Well recommended.

Karolina Sapiecha

Matt and was very friendly and professional, he actually listened to what hurt and where, and spent time finding my issues before helping them to ease off. Will certainly be returning for regular massages!

Ashley Purt

I had my massage with Matt on Monday and i can honestly say, he’s a marvel.
Put you at ease straight away. I had a very sore lower back and although he put me through my paces, i am 100% better. Would recommend this man to anyone who is suffering.
Can’t say enough.

Donna Peck

Excellent massage, The best massage I have had.

Andy Branston

It has taken me some time, but finally found someone who not only understands but listens when I describe what is going on with my back, shoulders, hips…the list is endless, but thanks to Matt I’m not only starting to feel a difference, but I understand how my body is working (or not in some cases) couldn’t recommend more! Magic hands with a professional service.

Helen Forrester

I have plantar fasciitis and I’ve ignored it for ages but Matt’s page popped up on my news feed so I booked an appointment. I had my first session Friday and there has been a massive difference already. I’ve had my second session today and can’t wait to see how it feels in the morning. I really wish I had seen Matt sooner

Naomi Edwards

I had a massage today after having a car accident & I can honestly say it was the best I have had, very professional and friendly, it has eased my back pain very nicely, booked another session straight away, even when my back is better I’ll still be going, thank you Matt.

Shelle Whitaker

My husband has been suffering tension and pain in his back for a long time. After his first session with Matt, he felt so much better. The aches are going and he has more flexibility. Andy was a reluctant patient but returned home full of positivity about the benefits of massage therapy. He’s booked in again!

Jo Bethwaite

Matt was very good. After my massage I could feel the difference straightaway. His techniques are very good and thorough. I’ll be back again for sure.

Jeremy Waterson